After the recent renovation, the library of Sint Niklaas in Belgium has placed a 24/7 bookdrop of Dialoc ID. Next to the entrance there is now a 24-hour bookdrop installed so that books can be returned 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This could previously be done with the normal mailbox, but the difference with our automatic bookdrop is that it only opens when a book is scanned and also directly registered. In this way, the staff of the library do not have to do anything else than to put the books in the right place.

The Dialoc ID products are very innovative and are known for their quality and design. The maintenance-friendly and extremely beautifully designed Sapphire Bookdrop received a nomination for the innovation prize 2016 by the province of Gelderland. The Sapphire 24/7 book drop can be delivered with a round or square front.

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