Electromagnetic security detection systems


Protect your library materials with EM!

 EM has been in use in the library for several decades and still is the ultimate theft protection technology.

Thieves often use aluminum bags with the intention of shielding the security labels so that they can no longer cause an alarm; EM (electromagnetic) is insensitive to this, unlike RFID. RFID is a technology that is mainly used for the automated administrative processing of the check-out, renewal and check-in, as well as for the security of the item. In the latter with a limitation, because you can shield RFID.

All security gates of Dialoc ID are characterized by the same elegant appearance combined with the high quality of workmanship, choice of materials and durability.

This applies to both EM, RFID and Hybrid antennas where EM and RFID are combined.

A-quality plexiglass sheets are used that are highly transparent and translucent. The antennas can be illuminated from the inside, which gives a very futuristic appearance. The bases are made of brushed or coated stainless steel. The other plastic parts are also color-fast and UV-resistant. Only the best components are used in the highly advanced electronics. All this makes the security gates very stable and reliable. In addition, the antennas can be connected via LAN, for maintenance, troubleshooting or firmware updating.

The EM security gates of Dialoc ID are suitable for multiple installations because they are easy to interconnect and do not disturb each other. The option for integrated customer counters and the ability to collect data (such as visitor numbers and alarms) in the cloud is also very handy.

Our unique selling points bring our products to a new standard; Modular construction * Hardware/Software upgradable * Highest possible quality *  Choice of color and design * Timeless design * Durable * Energy efficient *


Dialoc ID has its head office in Harderwijk, the Netherlands with partners in Europe, North- and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Dialoc ID is a leading manufacturer of innovative library solutions using EM (electromagnetic), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Hybrid (EM & RFID) technology.


The Dialoc ID products are sold, installed and serviced through our network of official partners located worldwide.

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