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Sapphire HF Self Service

Sapphire RFID Self Service


Circulation system

The Sapphire is an ergonomically designed high-tech self service unit that fits perfectly into the logistic process. It’s modular construction gives all the flexibility to libraries who want to migrate to different identification technology today and in the future.

The Sapphire RFID self service unit seamlessly combines barcoding- or RFID technology for the identification of items and patron cards with RFID technology for optimal security of items by (de) activating the RFID tags after successful registration of items. This simple, one-move handling improves efficiency, accuracy and security in a user friendly environment.

By using LIS (LED Information Service) this unit gives detailed status information to the user about the status of the working process.

The workpad distinguishes 3 color modes:

  • BLUE:                   in operation
  • GREEN:                access granted, proceed
  • RED:                     cannot proceed

The 22” HD touch screen together with the integrated receipt printer, RFID readers and barcode scanners for items and cards are designed in one compact stylish high-quality housing, and therefore easy to relocate in a library.

MyLib® Software with improved performance

The self service unit comes standard with our MyLib® full circulation software including check-in, check-out and renew functions, preconfigured to connect to an LMS (Library Management Software) through SIP2 which is completely supported.


The Sapphire self service unit is standard delivered in a beige/grey color. Upon request other colors are available.

Sapphire HF Self Service


Sapphire RFID Self Service


  • Height : 663 mm
  • Width :  638 mm
  • Depth :  568 mm

Material: Stainless steel, PS, high-impact composite

Weight: 31 kg

Functions: Self service: Check-in / check-out

Compatibility:  SIP2

Standard:   ISO 15.693 / 18.000-3.1 / ISO 28560 / ISO 14443
Certifications:   CE / EMC

Check-in / Check-out:  Books / Magazines / Media

Touch PC:
High quality 16: 9 Full HD 22″ LCD touch screen, with a wide view angle VA panel.
Dust and water proof. (IP65), Chipset: Intel® Bay Trail N2930

Thermal line printing with a 180 dpi print head,  print speed of 250mm/second,
assuring crisp, clear receipts and eye-catching logos.

Item identification: RFID reader: 13,56 Mhz, ISO 15693
Patron identification: 2D barcode imager or RFID reader 13,56 Mhz, ISO 14443
Item protection: RFID technology (EAS and/or AFI bit)

Software option: Upon request the Sapphire™ self service unit can be delivered without software.

Power: 230 V
Environmental facts: Temperature: + 10ºC <> + 45ºC

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