MyLib® software with improved performance.
Faster and better access to data for customer and librarian!

Dialoc ID has developed a new visual performance for the Sapphire and Ruby self service systems that considerably improves the communication
between customer and library. With the MyLib® software you can borrow, return or renew books very easily via an interactive screen.

Unique for librarians: Look and feel of Mylib® cam be adapted to your house style!

The Library Management System of Dialoc ID is as flexible as can be thanks to MyLib®. Screens now offer enormous flexibility in terms of layout and visual performance. All the colors can be changed so that the librarian and their staff are always working with the familiar colors of their own house style. That applies not just to colors, but also to print types, fonts and the structure of the screen. It is also possible to add illustrations and labels.

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Ruby HF self service

Ruby HF self service

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