Ellipse 2020™

Ellipse 2020


Ellipse 2020

EM security detection system

The Ellipse 2020 is a proven and established system in the range of Dialoc ID EM solutions, designed to create optimal effectiveness for security in any library environment.

The Ellipse 2020 system reduces aunauthorized removal of library items by detecting EM tags and using high quality advanced EM technology.

The Ellipse 2020 is specially designed to be installed in libraries.



  • Fully digital configuration (DSP)
  • Visual and audio alarm
  • Advanced electromagnetic EM technology
  • Remote maintenance
  • Magnetic media safe
  • Multiple gate solutions are possible
Ellipse 2020


Ellipse 2020

Antenna dimensions:

  • Height         :  1812 mm
  • Width           :   460 mm
  • Bottom width:   748 mm
  • Depth          :      44 mm

Antenna base dimensions:

  • Height          :   12 mm
  • Width           : 792 mm
  • Depth           : 100 mm

Weight: 22 kg

Depending on the type and size of EM tag
• Single aisle width System 2: up to 0.90 meter
• Dual aisle width System 3   : up to 1.80 meter

EM specification:
Operating frequency: 366 Hz.
Supported tags: all Dialoc ID EM tags and various EM tag suppliers

Certifications:   CE / EMC

• People counter
• Removable antennabase

Ethernet (TCP/IP) via the USB/Ethernet to CAN bridge tool.

Frame:  Polyurethane with dove grey finish
Base  :  Powder coated aluminum

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