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The Dialoc ID Topaz is a powerful RFID handheld reader for libraries. It combines excellent reading performance with a compact, convenient size while still managing to be one of the lightest devices of its kind. The device is extremely ergonomical to use, allowing intensive, yet comfortable use with one hand. The adjustable and flexible antenna further increases ergonomy by allowing items at different heights to be scanned with ease.

The Topaz RFID reader comes with a bright touch-screen and an intuitive user interface to guarantee effortless use in a library. Excellent battery capacity allows the device to be easily used through a whole working day without charging. The software is easily updated, ensuring a long life cycle for the device.

The Topaz system includes Topaz Manager software for staff computers. It allows wireless transfer of item lists between the computer and handheld units. If a WLAN connection is not available, item lists can also be transferred via USB.

The Topaz handheld software has four main functions.

1)      In inventory mode it is possible to scan for example books on one shelf and create a transfer list of those items.

2)      In search mode where a list of items are exported from the library system to the handled unit, or manually input from the handheld keyboard. When you are scanning the shelves with the handheld it notifies you when it finds an item from that list.

3)      In weeding mode and it works as reverse to search mode. An item list is uploaded to the handheld that for example should be on one shelf. When you are scanning that shelf it notifies you if it finds an item which is not on the list. In this way it is possible to remove the items which are in the wrong places.

4)      In AFI/EAS search mode books can be (de)activated, one by one or in bulk, or (re)programmed to change AFI codes.

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