Hygiene and Safety

Hygiene and safety in your library!

Mankind has always dealt with viruses and bacteria, which have caused some of the worst epidemics. Some illnesses have been eradicated and others are still being fought with all our might as we try to prepare for new, mutated illnesses.

The Covid-19 pandemic has awakened us all and made us realize what can happen if people can infect each other with unwanted viruses and bacteria. The scale on which it can happen has taken everyone by surprise. Governments, companies and individuals struggle with how to cope with this.

We recently saw that HIV, SARS, H5N1 (avian flu) and other infections set the world in motion. Is it something temporary and transient, or do we really need to take these threats into account and calculate the risks in our business operations and regulations?

We hear and read more and more that the latter is the case and, in order to condition individual behavior with new rules of conduct regarding hygiene and safety, we must also pay attention to this in our business operations. After all, if you cannot create a safe environment, how can you expect individuals to positively adapt their rules of conduct to this? In places where many people come together, it is all the more important to provide this safe environment. You can see the stricter regulations in healthcare, in our schools, in public transport, at airports, but also at retailers and the catering industry.

Libraries are meeting places for people where hygiene and safety continue to play a role. And people also work in libraries. Dialoc ID Products has an answer to the question of how a library of additional products can make the environment safer and cleaner.

Self-service counter

During the borrowing and returning the public can use a HandClean Sterilizer and a Book Sterilizer to disinfect the hands and books during the self-service so that the books can be taken home safely. The self-service counters, that are a source of bacteria in themselves because everyone uses them, can contaminate hands. It is a comforting thought that you can disinfect your hands after use. The Book Sterilizer takes care of the uncertainty about infections via books. Both devices can also be used in the return process. Books go clean on the trolley or shelf via the Book Sterilizer.
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Back office

The Book Sterilizer takes care of the uncertainty about infections via books. Also the HandClean sterilizer can be used in the return process. Books go clean on the trolley or shelf via the Book Sterilizer.

A Book Sterilizer can also be used excellently in the back office of a library, for example at a sorting machine, for inter-branch traffic or new acquisitions. See diagram on the right ►


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